Who Created Marriage?

marriageI love homosexuals.  I disagree with their lifestyle, much the same as I disagree with people living together in a sexual relationship before marriage.  The Bible calls this sin (Romans 1).  Just because millions of people are having sex outside of marriage does not negate the fact that it is fornication, which is a sin.  Married people having sex with someone other than their spouse are committing adultery.  If the Supreme Court ruled that it supported adultery, would it change the way a husband or wife would act in their marriage?

Do you believe a ruling by the Supreme Court has affected God’s design for marriage?  People say Jesus didn’t speak on homosexuality.  He didn’t have to; He said it all when He said marriage was between a man and a woman. (Matthew 19:4-5)  Court decisions may impact the conduct of people in our country, but they have no influence over the God of heaven and earth.  In Genesis, God establishes the institution of marriage, Jesus confirms it, and I trust them!

I believe my biggest concern with this decision is not with the very small percentage of people that call themselves LGBT, but by the support they have by a large portion of the population.  My wife, Cheryl, reminded me that most of this support comes from family members who have LGBT relatives, or close friends.  I believe it is much more loving to reveal the truth of the Word of God with our LGBT family and friends, rather than supporting a lifestyle that is condemned by God.

I love homosexuals, as well as every other sinner in our world today. That’s not because I’m such a loving person, but because Jesus loves them enough to die for them, and for me…just another sinner.  It would be a sin not to love them.  The way I demonstrate my love is by sharing the love of God with them so that they may also spend eternity with Him!

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